Change Edmonton.

Join us for a conversation on the future of Edmonton's Chinatown.

Listen and Inquire

We have invited Edmonton's best experts in the areas of public safety, city planning, economic development and community engagement as speakers and panelists for our conference.

We also have invited guests from outside of Alberta who have worked on developing their own Chinatowns, to come and share their experiences as we look to develop ours.

Contribute Your Ideas

Throughout the conference, we will be collecting your ideas for Edmonton's Chinatown Plan, and all of them will be presented to the Chinatown Plan Project Manager.

When you hear a great idea, write it down on one of our note cards!

See the Change

On the final day of the conference, the Chinatown Plan Project Manager will facilitate discussion on major ideas presented the day before.

The Project Manager will highlight some of the best ideas, evaluate them, and we might even see them in the final plan!